Security Policy

We endure to protecting the security and privacy of our customers. As such, we have an extensive security policy that outlines our engagement with the clients and the information that we collect when visiting our website.

We offer a guarantee of confidentiality of the gathered information, which we do not share with any third party. The data collected and stored by our website is for non-commercial use but for enhancing the quality of service delivery and customer support.

You can be assured that the information we collect will not be sold, rented, or shared with third parties, except for anonymous accumulated information.

The information that we collect when using our website is standardized as that collected by other websites. The information may include the IP address, operating system, browser type, and time of site access.

Occasionally, we may use cookies for website customization. The cookies that we use collect anonymous information like IP address and browser type of your computer, or any other information deemed necessary for customization of our web page content.

About Cookies

Cookies are text files that identify individual machines visiting our web server. They are not able to identify the individual visitor to our website but are able to access the computer only. Cookies are used by several websites to account for the number of traffic directed to the websites.

The cookies that we use on our website collect information about the areas of the site that your computer has visited and the time that you have spent on the highlighted areas. You can configure your computer to accept cookies and be notified when they are being issued. There is also an option of blocking cookies from your computer. However, if you select to use this option, you will not be able to enjoy some personalized services on our site that depend on your browsing history.

Use of Optional Information

When using our website, you may be required to provide personal information like name, email address, or any other detail. This information is used to be able to give you access to a service. It is an optional service that you may decline to give your information, of which you may not be able to access specific services. You can be rest assured that the information that you give us will never be used for any other purpose apart from the service you are receiving. The information will also be kept away from third parties that buy or rent such info. We use the demographic information provided for market research only.

When you contact our Support Team via email to request information, provide feedback, or report a problem, we will only use the contact details to respond to your message. We will not share the information with other websites or interested third parties.

Future development

We may, in the future, use your information for purposes not disclosed in our privacy policy. Such changes will only be effected after notifying you of the changes and sharing our policy with you, highlighting the alterations or changes made on this page.

If you have any concerns about your safety and privacy, check this page to confirm the status of the policy. When there is a change, the information that we use is from when the change was made and not previously gathered information.


We have put in place security measures that protect you against loss, identity theft, and misuse. We undertake the responsibility of protecting your personal information from third-party infiltrators.

Links disclaimer

When providing specific information to our visitors, our website may provide links to government agencies, international organizations, or other websites. You should note that providing a link to other websites does not mean that our website endorses the content, viewpoint, opinion, accuracy, services, and products of the website. When you click on the link and enter another website, you will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the website that you are on, and our privacy policy will not be used to protect your information.

Disclosures prohibited

Information provided by employers or employees in relation to this article can only be exclusively used by the commissioner in the discharge of his/her service hereunder. The information shall not be made public or used in any court proceeding unless the commissioner is a party to the proceeding. It is at the commissioner’s discretion to allow an interested party in a court proceeding to have the information.

Will our Privacy Policy change in the future?

Because of our commitment to better our services and user experience, we may alter our Privacy Policy from time to time. Whenever any change or alteration is effected, you will be notified of such changes. You can always keep track of the changes by visiting this page whenever you have a specific concern about our Privacy Policy.